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Laatste update: 04-12-2019
Particle Measuring Systems (PMS)
TEL: +32 10237156
FAX: +32
Avenue Edison 19F
1300   Wavre - Belgium
Nina Morton
Global Marketing Manager Marketing
Blu Buquoy
Marketing & Communications Marketing
APSS 2000
Producten, diensten
 Lasair® III 110 - The Lasair® III 110 Airborne Particle Counter is a laser diode-based true 0.10 μm particle counter with 1.00 CFM flow rate.
 IsoAir® 310P - The IsoAir® 310P Air Particle Sensor makes it easy to monitor air in remote locations or in areas with process restraints.
 Airnet® II 4 Channel - The Airnet® II 4 Channel AirSensor measures the size and number of particles suspended in the air for real-time monitoring of defect-causing particles
 Chem 20™ - With 20 nm particle sensitivity, the Chem 20 Chemical Particle Counter is the world’s most sensitive particle sensor for high purity process chemicals
 Ultra DI® 20 Liquid Particle - Designed for ultrapure water systems, the Ultra DI® 20 Liquid Particle Counter obtains data and counts & sizes contaminants as small as 20 nm.
 LiQuilaz® II - LiQuilaz® II optical liquid particle counters are volumetric monitors with a variety of sizing sensitivities as low as 0.2 µm.
 UltraChem® 40 Liquid Particle - The UltraChem® 40 Liquid Particle Counter gives you reliable contamination monitoring with the ability to detect 40 nm particles.
 APSS-2000 - The APSS-2000 Liquid Particle Counter sizes and counts suspended particulate matter in a wide range of liquids, including parenterals.
MiniCapt® Mobile - The MiniCapt® Mobile Microbial Air Sampler is an innovative, light and mobile air sampler with sliding touchscreen for easy use with gloves.

Actuele events

Microbial Contamination Monitoring Data
Leveraging Microbial Contamination Monitoring Data for Actionable Insights to Meet and Exceed the Auditor’s Expectations Effectively monitoring microbial contamination in your cleanroom has become even more essential over the last year, especially with the upcoming release of Eu gmp annex 1. Modern pharmaceutical manufacturers are already generating and managing big data from environmental monitoring; the next step is to create actionable insights and ensure 21CFR11 compliance. This webinar discusses data collection, 21CFR11 data management and the generation of actionable insights. We will review how this is accomplished by leveraging industry standards such as the FDA/ICH guidelines that encourage the use of control charts as statistical tools to guarantee that a manufacturing process remains in a state of control (the validated state). Attend this webinar to learn: Critical microbial data management - Interpretations, considerations and solutions for data integrity, statistical control and FDA guidelines. FDA and ICH guidelines and recommendations - How to leverage this information for better contamination control. Data integrity - Definition and Inspectors’ perspective regarding environmental monitoring and data management, with attention to 21CFR Part 11. Elements to consider to ensure that a process is under statistical control. The future of microbial monitoring in the Pharma industry - Benefits of single use microbial monitoring.
26-02-2020 | Webinar FEB 26, 2020 @10:00am | Een ochtend | Online | Toegang: Gratis (na registratie)


PMS Launches New Data Management System: PharmaIntegrity Particle Measuring Systems
PMS Launches New Data Management System: PharmaIntegrity
Particle Measuring Systems Particle Measuring Systems (PMS), a global expert in sterility assurance, and Novatek International, the leader in regulatory compliant data management software, announced a global partnership for PharmaIntegrity: a fully integrated and comprehensive software and hardware solution towards a risk-based approach for the environmental monitoring in controlled manufacturing processes. “PMS is focused on providing complete life sciences sterility assurance. PharmaIntegrity Data Management is the next step to our Facility Pro environmental monitoring system that provides secure data management that customers need to succeed” said Giovanni Scialò, VP of Life Sciences for Particle Measuring Systems. This integrated solution helps companies identify contamination in their production processes before it occurs. With the ability to preemptively correct a problem it is easier to achieve and maintain a state of control. This helps maintain consistent product quality and reduces
07-06-2019  |  574x  | 
Flexible, Secure Environmental Monitoring System PMS providing reliable systems to meet regulatory requirements and flexibility for growth.
Flexible, Secure Environmental Monitoring System
PMS providing reliable systems to meet regulatory requirements and flexibility for growth. June 12th, 2018, Boulder, CO – Particle Measuring Systems (PMS) has released the new FacilityPro® 3010, 1010 processors and Smart ng software for Environmental Monitoring Systems. The FacilityPro 3010 and 1010 processors provide a central hub for viable and/or non-viable sampling points as well as analog and digital inputs or outputs for equipment such as temperature, humidity, differential pressure sensors, and light towers allowing for complete environmental monitoring and alarming in critical areas to meet regulatory requirements. FacilityPro processors can be operated by the simplified Smart ng’s control software or the GE® Digital iFix based Scada ng control software. These new offerings complete the FacilityPro family of products providing system for small compounding facilities to major aseptic manufacturers with multiple filling lines. Smart ng and Scada ng software provide an updated graphical operator interface with an intuitive map-based design, data and
12-07-2018  |  961x  | 
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