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Minebea Intec BeNeLux
TEL: +32 2 756 06 70
FAX: +32 2 253 45 95
Z.3 Doornveld 33
1731   Zellik
+31 611 10 81 65
Dhr. Erik Jansen
Sales Engineer - West of The Netherlands Postal Codes 10 to 37, 42 to 49, 82 to 92
+31 6 52 53 53 48
Dhr. Willem van de Moesdijk
Sales Engineer - East of The Netherlands Postal Codes 38 to 41, 50 to 81, 93 to 99
+32 475 32 56 05
Dhr. Jurgen Heymans
Sales Manager Flanders
Minebea Intec provides products, solutions and services to the process industry for increasing the reliability, safety and efficiency of production and packaging lines.

We have more than 70 years experience in supporting the industry to ensure that manufactured goods have the right quality and do not contain any foreign bodies. Our ability to do this, is based on the German Quality of our products combined with our continuous investment in developing leading technologies.

Our product portfolio includes bench and floor scales from 600 g to 3000 kg, load cells from 30 kg to 520 tons, metal detectors, checkweighers, X-Ray machines, truck weighing bridges.
Bench & Floor Scales from 600 g to 3000 kg
IF floor scales of 150 to 3000 kg, 600x600 to 2000x1500 mm
Signum Supreme precision scales, d=0,001 g, e=0,01 g
IU pallet scales of 300 to 3000 kg, d=20 to 200 g, e=50 to 1000 g
Combics indicators, IP44 or IP69K, Standard or ATEX
ATEX platforms, from 0,62 kg, d=0,001 g to 3000 kg, d = 200 g
Combics complete scales, from 3 to 3000 kg, steel or stainless steel
Signum complete scales, rugged and resistant, steel or stainless steel
IS stainless steel high resoltion platforms, from 3,1 kg, d=0,01 g
Maxxis 5 programmable process indicator
ProRecipe XT recipe management in line with FDA requirements
 Minebea Intec - The true measure
 Boekels - Metaaldetector en Controleweger
 Global Weighing - Vessel and Silo Scales
 GWT - Vessel and Silo Scales
Algemene labapparatuur - Weegapparatuur
Labautomatisering - Software labautomatisering - LIMS, Lab informatiemanagementsystemen
Dienstverlening, advisering - Facilitaire diensten - Service en onderhoud


ProRecipe XT 3.0 Intelligent recipe management ensures safe processes
ProRecipe XT 3.0
Intelligent recipe management ensures safe processes For all your manual and semi-automatic recipe processes there is one innovative solution: ProRecipe XT is proven as the preferred and most flexible recipe management system for the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetics industries achieving efficiency and consistent product quality. The software is easy to use and fits into all existing IT infrastructures. With the upgrade 3.0 you can now benefit even more due to: Flexible integration into production network ProRecipe XTs modular software architecture and easy connection to MES or ERP systems enables flexible and individualised integration into any production process. NEW integration of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) ProRecipe XT provides the possibility of integrating Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) into the formulation process to guarantee a safe production including full audit trail functionality. NEW completeness check function ProRecipe XT ensures that separately
02-03-2018  |  993x  |   | 
SPC@Enterprise software for statistical process control New: easily connect to all quality-related measuring devices with SPC@Enterprise 3.0
SPC@Enterprise software for statistical process control
New: easily connect to all quality-related measuring devices with SPC@Enterprise 3.0 Version 3.0 of our high-performance SPC@Enterprise software is now available. For the first time ever, we are offering you a complete, user-friendly solution for statistical process control. Regardless of your current IT system its highly flexible interface allows the software to collect and process data from nearly all types of production line device. The analysis of process-related data offers you full transparency across your production. You therefore benefit not only from classic filling quantity control, but also from dynamic HACCP-compliant process control. Overview of the advantages of SPC@Enterprise 3.0: Compatible with a wide range of devices from different manufacturers More product safety with filling quantity and process controls Higher data security with automated central data storage Simple data logging in accordance with packaged goods regulations and HACCP Online monitoring and process control
05-01-2018  |  716x  |   | 
All-New Precision: Minebea Intec Combics  The Industrial Scale with a measuring accuracy of 60,000 increments
All-New Precision: Minebea Intec Combics
The Industrial Scale with a measuring accuracy of 60,000 increments Minebea Intec (formerly Sartorius Intec) A new resolution level of 60,000 d is set to enhance the Combics industrial scales product range of Minebea Intec with immediate effect. By offering this extra level of precision, the global provider of industrial weighing and inspection technologies is specifically aiming to respond to the increasing quality standards of the food, pharmaceuticals, chemical and logistics industries. Users of these products can therefore expect to benefit not only from less production waste, but also from more reliable processes. Expanded areas of application for increased efficiency: With its high resolution of up to 60,000 increments, the Combics industrial scale is ideal for complying with even the smallest of tolerances, for example when measuring out very precise doses of liquids or powders. Going forward, it will be possible to register products down to the weight of a peppercorn, which is sure to mean significant improvements in
07-11-2017  |  913x  | 
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