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Laatste update: 13-07-2020
TEL: +31 (0)180-321820
FAX: +31
Knibbelweg 18-C
2761 JE   Zevenhuizen
Mw. Sandra Heeren-Köhler
Accountmanager LabForRent
LabForRent biedt een online platform waarbij laboratoria labruimte kunnen huren en verhuren. Zo is LabForRent dé plaats waar vraag en aanbod naar laboratoria, clean rooms en andere R&D-faciliteiten elkaar treffen.

Voor aanbieders promoot LabForRent de beschikbare ruimten en zorgt zij voor online zichtbaarheid.

LabForRent biedt het meest complete overzicht van beschikbare R&D-faciliteiten in Nederland. Zoekers vinden de best passende faciliteit(en). Gratis, zonder registratie.
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Collaboration LabForRent and ATVE
Collaboration LabForRent and ATVE
In addition to mediation between tenant/landlord and sharing lab space, LabForRent also focus on collaboration and bundling strength; LabForRent want to offer a total package. Safety is one of our top priorities. We want start-ups to be aware of the safety issues concerning working in labs. Therefor we take great pride in announcing that our company LabForRent has recently collaborated with ATVE – part of the VAPRO group. We thank our partner in collaboration for its association with us. ATVE finds safe working and risk reduction the most important starting point for the Dutch business community. ATVE has developed safety courses for all employees who are exposed to certain risks in their work – whether they are in high-voltage pylons, working with hazardous substances (laboratories) within companies / schools or supervising activities that third parties perform on their terrain. Safety is the common thread in all cases. ATVE offers a complete range of courses for every
31-07-2020  |  065x  | 
Strategic partnership LabForRent and ScientiQ Staffing
Strategic partnership LabForRent and ScientiQ Staffing
Innovation and economic growth in the Benelux are important, especially in these times. To strengthen our services to start-ups, grown-ups and foreign businesses we are pleased to announce our strategic partnership with ScientiQ Staffing. Together we can help companies to find the right high-tech facility and the needed staff for their business. Because not everybody has an established network where supply and demand finds each other. By combining our networks we broaden our resources to be an even bigger help for you. ScientiQ Staffing: ScientiQ Staffing specialises in the recruitment, selection and staffing of secondary and highly-skilled laboratory technicians and engineers. ScientiQ stands for the most talented and motivated technicians from the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. Because they represent the interests of both Dutch and European candidates, they have an extensive network of professionally trained and experienced staff from various EU countries. They
08-06-2020  |  144x  | 


LabForRent: Labs for R&D in agrifood Zernike Campus, Groningen
LabForRent: Labs for R&D in agrifood
Zernike Campus, Groningen It’s all there. Expandable Laboratories for R&D in agrifood, modular labs, innovative equipment, office space, an entrepreneurial community with practical and business support, meeting rooms, networking opportunities and access to the excellent knowledge on Campus Groningen. Innolab Agrifood stimulates and supports entrepreneurship, and facilitates innovative initiatives. Besides of offering laboratory facilities, access to business support is offered in the fields of business development, business strategy, intellectual property and patenting, legal aspects, budgeting, finance and risk analysis. Companies can choose for both short and long term rental periods. Companies in Innolab Agrifood are working on: Functional food ingredients Nutraceuticals Biobased Economy Healthy ageing Sustainability
03-07-2020  |  115x  | 
LabForRent: Pharmacological R&D labs Pivot Park, Oss
LabForRent: Pharmacological R&D labs
Pivot Park, Oss Pivot Park is a life sciences campus, with a special focus on pharmaceutical innovation. The campus offers lab and office space of any size with access to high-quality pharmaceutical R&D facilities and infrastructure and expertise that gives companies the opportunity to accelerate, grow and excel in the area of ​​drug discovery and development. Rental conditions are set for a standard period of three years with a minimum of one year if agreed otherwise. The Antoni van Leeuwenhoekbuilding building houses modern high-quality in vitro and in vivo pharmacological laboratories. If desired, the labs can be (partly) converted for chemical research. The surface of the laboratories ranges from 35 m2 to 200 m2. Utilities and lab services are included in the rent. Utilities: demineralised water, compressed air, Nitrogen (gas), vacuum, CO2 and liquid nitrogen. Lab services include Central Cell line storage, Cryobank (for your own cell line storage), Autoclaving
29-04-2020  |  221x  | 
LabForRent: LAB Maastricht UMC+, Maastricht Health Campus Labs and imaging facilities in University Medical Center
LabForRent: LAB Maastricht UMC+, Maastricht Health Campus
Labs and imaging facilities in University Medical Center In LAB Maastricht UMC+, the Laboratories, Pharmacy and Imaging of the Maastricht University Medical Center+ work together to offer high-quality diagnostics. It offers its infrastructure – as a facility within the Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus – to Life Sciences and biomedical companies that want to validate their products in clinical practice or do research. The offer applies both to start-up and established Life Sciences and biomedical companies. At LAB Maastricht UMC+, companies have the opportunity, depending on the required equipment, to carry out their research completely independently, to jointly carry out the research or to have it carried out entirely by employees of LAB Maastricht UMC+.
21-04-2020  |  231x  | 
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