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About LABinsights.nl

LABinsights.nl is the number one communication platform for the laboratory industry. Our editorial mission is to inform and inspire. We offer our online and print readers a mix of theory, practice, news and case studies from the lab industry in the broadest sense.
The platform enables lab managers and analysts, suppliers, entrepreneurs, researchers, businesses, students and government institutions to share new developments and best practices. Easy-to- read texts are combined with eye-catching images and presented as trending topics, expert profiles, background reports and photo stories.

Website, Magazine, Newsletter

LABinsights magazine is published 9 times annually online and in print. The LABinsights newsletter is published monthly. You can self-publish your news items on our web portal. The site shows the latest news and gives you free access to the online magazine and our Resource Center, where you can find white papers and background reports.

Target group

Our readers and online visitors are suppliers and manufacturers, lab managers and analysts, researchers, HR managers, course coordinators, students and teachers. We target the entire lab world, from labs in the food, hospital, chemical and environmental sectors to labs in the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries, QA /QC and R&D departments and physics labs.

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